How it Works

We like to keep it simple and legit here at DomainsHostingDesign, so here is all it take to get your desired domain:

  1. Type in your desired domain name in your browser, and it redirects you to our home page or its specific buy/offer page on our website
  2. Choose to ‘Buy Now‘, ‘Make an Offer‘, or ‘Contact us‘.
  3. We reach an agreement with you on the price to pay for the domain name (if you did not choose the ‘Buy Now’ option), and any other terms
  4.  We send you an invoice and Sale Contract
  5. You make Payment via Paypal, Bank Transfer or other payment
  6. We initiate transfer of the domain name to you within 1 hour of receiving cleared payment
  7.  You accept transfer of the domain name, and voila, the domain is yours!